What is strategic management?

Strategy is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals and objectives under conditions of uncertainty. Strategic control of a business cannot be achieved through performance measurement systems alone, but through levers of control: Belief system, Boundary Control System, Business Control System and Interactive Control system.

What We Do


Strategy White Paper

A set of strategic questions and key challenges to be addressed by strategic review process.

Review of Mission, Vision & Values

Long term aspirations and belief system.

External Analysis

Comprehensive fact base on stakeholder, industry, competitive and external environmental analysis.

Internal Analysis

Fact base of internal strengths, weaknesses, capabilities & resources to deliver the strategy.

Organizational Goals & Objectives

Translating the strategy into stakeholder goals and objectives.

Implementation Plan

Action oriented management agenda for strategy implementation & tracking.


  • Key Success Factors required prevailing competitive enviroment: A set of strategic questions and key challenges to be addressed by strategic review process.

  • Inimitable capabilities and resources required for sustainable competitive advantage: Long term aspirations and belief system.

  • Boundary Control System: Strategy as position – Risks to be avoided, How to compete, Business expectations.
  • Belief System: Strategy as a perspective – Clear vision, mission, value.

  • Business Control System: Strategy as a plan – Business Planning, Resourcing, Scheduling, Execution & control.

  • Interactive Control System: Strategy as patterns in action – Strategic uncertainties, Global Trends, Scenario planning.

Benefits of Working with Us

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Armed with industry and environmental key success factors the organization will be positioned to consistently outperform competition.

Improvement Financial Performance

Inimitable capabilities to deliver on the strategy and clear understanding of the industry and environment will lead to superior returns on investment.

Enhanced Agility & Adaptability

With a clear understanding of internal capabilities and plausible scenarios, the organisation will have an unassailable ability to always thrive in the long term.

Delivering On Promises

Enhanced reputation by consistently meeting or exceeding delivery promises to customers and stakeholders.

Internal Factors
External Factors
Strengths (S)

Most substancial internal Strengths

Weaknesses (W)

Most serious internal Weaknesses

Opoortunities (O)

Most important External opportunities

SO Strategies
Strategies that make use of strengths to take advantage of opportunities
WO Strategies
Strategies that take advantage of opportunities by overcoming Weaknesses
Threats (T)

Major Threats

ST Strategies
Strategies that make use of strengthsto avoid Threats
WT stretegies
Strategies that minimize Weaknesses and avoid Threats