What is Performance Improvement?

Performance improvement involves measuring the output of a business process, quantifying the gap to desired performance, then enhancing the process to increase the output, efficiency, and effectiveness of the process.

What We Do



We start by assessing the Technical Systems, Management Methods and Mindsets & Capabilities to determine the full potential of operations, establish the gap to full potential and identify where the biggest value is.


Using Value Driver Models, Capability analysis, and Control Charts we determine the potential value at stake and key levers to achieve this potential.


This is an intensive data driven process to analyse, identify and validate root causes.


Through a Rapid Results Process, we facilitate and equip operational teams to find solutions, come up with action plans, validate control actions and implement projects that will deliver results in consecutive 100 day projects.

Control & Sustain

To embed the achieved results, we implement a management control system to monitor performance through control charts and dashboards.


  • Process Capability Analysis: Determining true process capability by drawing capability histograms of key value drivers. Intervention will be required if process is not capable.

  • Statistical Process Control: We use control charts to determine if the process is within control limits. Intervention is only required if the process is not within set criteria.
    • Theory of Constraints: We apply an effective production flow management process to reduce the combined effect of variation and interdependencies.


  • Rapid Results Implementation: Using the principle that “success breeds success” we create a sense of urgency, empower multi-disciplinary, multi-level teams to execute results driven projects.

Benefits of Working with Us

Improvement In Profitability & Value

The ultimate benefit of improved Business performance will be increased profits and long term value.

Improved Confidence Of Results Delivery

Through the effective process of improving key value drivers, the operation will be able to deliver results to meet business expectations with higher confidence.

Stabilised & Predictable Performance

Reducing process instability and variation result in more predictable performance.

Operational Risk Reduction

Predictable and consistent operational performance will result in effective management and reduction of risk.